Robert James/Studio James
In many ways, this site is a Journal
of my Journey into the world of
Photographing the Male Form.
Iíve been an amateur photographer
most of my adult life.
Prior to photographing the Male Form,
my work was limited to Under Water
and Scenic Photography.

Late in the summer of 2000, while on
a boating trip, a close friend started
to Ďmodelí while I was taking a few
casual photos of him. Even though it
was unplanned, this became
my first 'photo shoot'.

I so enjoyed this first shoot
that the next spring I purchased
all new equipment and made Photographing
the Male Form my avocation,
thus starting my Journey.

This website contains samples
of my work and thoughts as I progress
down this road. I'll be the first
to admit that I have a long way to go,
but the fun is in gaining the experience
while on the Journey.

I hope you can enjoy the small bit of road
Iíve traveled so far. . .

Robert James

Robert James/Studio James


This site contains images of the male form in various states
of dress including full nudes. By progressing further you are
agreeing to view such images and claiming to be of legal age to do so.


Robert James/Studio James