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Gallery quality prints of most images on this site are available. Prior to 2008 I was not offering any prints for sale as I’d not found a true “Gallery Quality” printing company that could work with digital images.

There are a number of online companies printing images up to 20” x 30”. I’ve tried many of these but every one of them has fallen short of my expectations. These online print shops used standard photographic paper with claims the prints will last 100+ years. However, all their papers are made from wood based products which will deteriorate/age much more quickly than cotton rag based papers (Gallery Quality paper).

In addition the online printers use dye based inks which do not stand up as long as pigment inks and worst of all, they follow industry standard color profiles based on pre-digital standards. In short, the end print was not gallery quality and it did not meet my standards.

However, I recently located a very high end, professional print shop that only works with gallery quality images. Each image is individually prepped and calibrated by the caring, professional hand of Steve, a co-owner of the gallery. These gallery quality prints are done on acid free 100% cotton rag papers specially coated to receive pigment based inks used by high end printers.

Gallery Quality Print Papers: All papers are high quality, cotton rag,
archival paper that will last for generations. You can choose any of the
following papers:

Just above are examples of gallery prints on Crane Museo papers.

Printers: Depending on type of paper selected and size of the prints are created on either a 12 color, Canon iPF9000 pigment ink printer or the 8 color, Epson 9800 pigment ink printer.

Printing 'Master': Most important is the knowledge and experience of Steve, the digital artist who creates the prints. Steve has over 20 years experience in the print business. He has a thorough understanding of the older printing press methods with color separations and limited PMS colors but more importantly he has an in depth knowledge and passion for digital printing that far surpasses any other printer I’ve met.

It was always disappointing to spend hours processing a print only to find standard printers could not re-produce the colors and shading of your work. Steve knows how to calibrate the printer to bring out your Artwork. Standard print shops do the reverse by ‘tweaking’ your Artwork so it works on their printers.

Print Sizes: All prints can be sized to your specifications. The Canon iPF9000 can print up to 60” wide and the paper comes on rolls. However, there are some limitations. Some images may not do well in a very large print. We would advise you if this were the case.

Smaller prints (i.e. smaller than 8 x 12) will have a surcharge. Steve runs a professional print shop specializing in Gallery Quality prints which are normally larger images. Small images take as much time as larger images and it is necessary to compensate.

Most images on this site are in a 2 x 3 format. Following are examples of possible print sizes in a 2 x 3 format:
  • 8 x 12
  • 12 x 18
  • 20 x 30
  • 24 x 36
The print can be made to any size as long as it is 2 x 3. We will advise you on any sizing questions.

Pricing: Pricing will vary depending on the paper and size of the print. As an approximation, a 20” x 30” print can run from $150 - $225 depending on which paper is chosen. All final costs will be thoroughly covered prior to printing for any orders placed.

Ordering: If you are interested in getting any prints please contact me at: with a description of the print you would like and approximately what size you are looking for. In most cases I will respond within 24 hours unless I happen to be out of town on a shoot. We can work together on all the final details.

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