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If you donít take that first step and email me you will never know how you would do. Remember, talking via email is not a commitment. Iíll be glad to answer any questions and just talk if youíd prefer to become more informed before you make a final decision.

It would help if you could send photo samples for evaluation purposes. I do not need nude photos, but if you have one shirtless photo and one good face shot it would be helpful. If you donít have these, any other shots would also be helpful.

Above are samples of evaluation photos that would be nice to get with your email. Don't worry about overall quality, setting or pose. I'm looking at you and not evaluating the quality of the photograph.

The photos should be large enough for evaluation purposes. Iíve had a couple guys send tiny little thumbnail photos and it was almost impossible to evaluate them.

If you donít have any photos, Iíd still welcome talking to you and answering any questions you might have. Please keep in mind I can't work with everyone that contacts me. My time is limited and I only have time to work with about 6-8 guys each year.

I try to check my email every night just as I get home from the day jobÖ. Which is normally around 7:00pm. If you send me an email, I will try to reply within 24-48 hours if possible. Please send all email to:

PhoneĖ I used to have my phone number listed out here, but after dealing with two different crank callers, Iíve had to remove it to prevent further abuse. If you contact me via email, Iíll be glad to provide my phone number.

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