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Primarily, I am looking for amateur models. So if you have not been in front of the camera, but have always thought you might like to try it, now is your chance! I try to make it as fun and comfortable as possible.

I am generally looking for men between the ages of 18 to 35. You MUST be fit. I'm not looking for the… ‘Body Perfect’, but nicely muscled/toned is preferred. Body builder types are fine but average/normal guys who don’t spend 7 days a week in the gym are a plus. You also need to have a pleasing look and be somewhat comfortable being photographed.

On occasion I will work with guys over 35 if you have the right qualities. The distinguished, mature look can be desirable.

Body hair can be a plus, so don't go shaving your chest for the interview! Moderate amounts of body hair are very natural and much preferred over the completely shaved look. Most guys that shave tend to get shaving nicks... and it takes a lot of time to touch these up… so natural or nicely trimmed body hair is a definite plus.

Before meeting I prefer to receive sample photos. I’m not asking for nude photos, but would prefer a shirtless full body pose and a close-up face shot if they are available.

Perhaps the most important attribute for any guy thinking of modeling is to have a good attitude and come in with an open mind, willing to contribute to the shoot and work with the photographer to create stunning images.

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