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Where Will the Shoot Take Place - I am always looking for new places to do a shoot. I enjoy working outdoors as the variety of backgrounds are endless. However, outdoor shoots demand a lot of extra time in scouting locations, travel, and are completely dependent on the weather and sunlight which we have no control over.

Unfortunately, because of the reasons listed above, outdoor shoots are often reserved for second or third shoots when I know the model and that the shoot will be worth the extra effort. Most first shoots will be in the studio where it is easier to control the environment and lighting.

Since photography is a serious pursuit and not my main source of income, I donít own a full time studio. I have a fairly good sized home and literally convert my living room into a studio when needed and the shoot will take place there.

When Will the Shoot Take Place - Iím fairly flexible on setting up a day for the shoot. Once a model contacts me and expresses interest, I like to get the shoot done fairly soon, schedule permitting.

Since my studio is in the living room, we do need to wait for the sun to set so we have complete control over the lighting. I generally try to schedule shoots in the evenings, later in the week or on the weekend. I will do everything I can to work with the model on scheduling a shoot.

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