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It is not unusual for amateur models to wonder if: A) the shoot will cost them money or, B) wonder how much they will get paid. It is a good question and an important fact to get settled before doing a shoot.

Looking at what the rest of the photography industry does there are multiple answers to this question. There are many photographers out there shooting images of the male form. The good ones will charge you top dollar for a 1-2 hour shoot.

In the fashion world where you’re working with professional photographers and models both get paid by a client needing the images. So yes, if you are a top rated, professional model, you can get paid for modeling work.

Then there is a third option, and that is the option I work with. This option is fairly common and is called “TFCD”. Basically, you provide your time in exchange for a CD with electronic copies of all the final images… normally in JPG format.

After the shoot is over is when all the real work takes place. I can often times spend 75-100 hours of my time processing the images to really make the image stand out. This processing time is worth $75-$100/hr in the professional world. You do the math. . . If you multiplied correctly you will note that the images you get on the CD are worth hundreds of dollars. With TFCD we literally trade your time for mine and you get a copy of the results.

When all is finished, there is no charge to you. You will get the CD with JPG files of all the final images. Plus I will provide you with three 8 x 10 digital prints done on a Canon i9000 photo printer in your choice of Canon’s Pro gloss paper or matte.

If you would like a professional, gallery quality print of one of your images you will get a 20% discount from my standard prices. Please see the Purchase page of this website for details on these prints.

You can use any of the images for personal use (portfolios, additional prints, websites, etc.) . . . just as long as you don’t use them for financial gain (as in sell the images). I own the copyright to all the images.

Prior to the shoot you will be required to fill out a modeling agreement and furnish proof of age (driver’s license). The modeling agreement spells out the details but the general description I’ve provided here sums up the main points.

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